Edafología. Volumen 7-3. Septiembre 2000. pág 287-299.


Cartografía de Unidades Geomorfoedáficas de la comarca del Andévalo (NW de Huelva). Relaciones suelo/geomorfología/uso.


N.Bellinfante, L.Martínez-Zavala, G.Paneque.

Departamento de Cristalografía Mineralogía y Química Agrícola. Facultad de Química. Universidad de Sevilla.Campus de Reina Mercedes s/n, 41071 SEVILLA



Mapping of Geomorphoedaphic units in Andévalo natural area has been carried out, taking into account as the main parameters: morphogenesis, lithology, type of landuse and type of soil. The geomorphoedaphic units obtained were collected in eleven land systems basicly using morphogenetic and ecological criteria. The relationships between soil genesis and other paremeters of the physical environment are discussed in each homogeneous system. All this information was digitized and managed using a Geographical Information System

Keywords. Digital carthography, GIS, Mediterranean soils, geomorphoedaphic units, Andévalo.



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