Edafología. Volumen 7-3. Septiembre 2000. pág 337-349.


Reconocimiento de suelos y estudio de su contaminación por metales pesados en el valle del Guadiamar


Luis Clemente, Francisco Cabrera, Luis V. García y Juan S. Cara

Instituto de Recursos Naturales y Agrobiología (CSIC). Sevilla



Soils of two areas in the Guadiamar river valley —affected and unaffected by the Aznalcóllar mine tailing spill, happening in April 1998- are studied. Soils were mapped at 1:20000 scale, and representative profiles of all soil map units were sampled. Levels of heavy metals are compared in the oldest soils of upper areas (considered as background levels) and in the younger soils located in the Guadiamar alluvial plain (affected by centuries of mining activity, and strongly affected by the toxic flood).


Key words: Guadiamar, Soils, Pollution, Heavy metals.



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